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The notion of Self Defence Street Fighting involves being prepared for any violent, brutal and criminal act committed against a man or woman.

In the 1970s David Burt arranged in California series of multi-style street fighting workouts, focused on finding the best ways to handle violence in any form, in any environment, with any tools developed. A decade later he was able to organize his street fighting knowledge into a comprehensive and distinct system.

Street fighting is called sometimes real fighting, street self-defence or reality defence, because it distinguishes martial arts classes environment from a real situation when a person is suddenly threatened or assaulted by one or many, who do not apply any rules. In addition this person does not necessary is in his/her best condition (and state of mind), has pain or generally is unable to use self-defence skills with a successful outcome.

Here are some self-defence issuers that are taken into consideration while preparing for an possible assault that can for instance take place in a street, and with an outcome of being able to stay away from both jail and hospital:

In order to avoid a street fight or safeguard your person, first, you need to be able to detect a possible dangerous situation and know how to not do anything that would lead to a street fight. It includes the dressing style, posture, stride, actions and words.

If despite your efforts to avoid a confrontation or attack, some criminals or bullies are determined to pick on you as their victim, you still have a chance to defuse the situation, as long as you are more than on arm length distance and still talking to them. You can verbally de-escalate the situation or show that you know how to defend yourself. Only when all that does not work or you have ignored those first two steps – to Detect and to Defuse, the situation will probably require your skills from the martial arts training, although you have to remember that your knowledge learned in martial art school can be useless in real life.

You need to override your fear and strike your opponent using techniques such as throw or takedown, restrain, submit, hurt, (choke, destroy limb, KO), and be able to run. Distracting and stunning the assailant will give you time to chose a proper technique, so you do not bear the full repercussion of the law once the altercation has ended.


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